The exhibitors selected in 2020 were automatically renewed for the 2021 edition. No official call for applications will therefore be launched this year.


Presentation of the fair

Discover works of art that are original, creative, refined and full of character in the following categories :

  • Tableware
  • Graphic arts
  • Jewellery
  • Lighting
  • Decorations / Sculptures
  • Furniture
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Desk accessories and men’s accessories

France’s leading Fine Crafts fair

A true reflection of the audacity, creativity and renewal of fine crafts in Europe today,
Résonance[s] offers an insight into contemporary expression in this sector, and shakes up the
codes of artistic creation.

Résonance[s] is exclusively devoted to the sale of fine crafts, and year after year, it is
increasingly becoming the place to discover and acquire works that are original, creative, refined
and full of character.

Considered by professionals in the sector to be the leading fine crafts fair in France,
Résonance[s] has become a major event for influencers in search of novel works, and for
collectors and lovers of unique objects.

Created by and for professionals in the fine crafts sector, Résonance[s] draws its strength from
its many assets

A unique atmosphere

based on simplicity and generosity, that creates the ideal conditions for dialogue and exchanges
between members of the public and designers who are always keen to share their passion.


Pauline BETIN, sculpteur verrier ©pauline betin
Yuriko OKAMOTO, souffleuse de verre ©Isabelle Martin
Marion GERVAIS, créations végétales pérennes
S.Danjou, maroquinier ©yan_senezPhoto
Marie-Claire Z. Erny, peintre en décor
Paulus MARQUET, sculpteur sur métal
Yun-Jung SONG, céramiste
Geneviève Parois Chapelier-Modiste ©studio photo ARMELLE BOURET
Luis Parades_Glass, sculpteur verrier
Fany PERRET, sérigraphe graveuse @fanyperret