The 2023 edition of the fair will take place from 10 to 13 November. Applications are open until 23 April.


Presentation of the fair

Discover works of art that are original, creative, refined and full of character in the following categories :

  • Tableware
  • Graphic arts
  • Jewellery
  • Lighting
  • Decorations / Sculptures
  • Furniture
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Desk accessories and men’s accessories

France’s leading Fine Crafts fair

A true reflection of the audacity, creativity and renewal of fine crafts in Europe today, résonance[s] offers an insight into contemporary expression in this sector, and shakes up the codes of artistic creation.

résonance[s] is exclusively devoted to the sale of fine crafts, and year after year, it is increasingly becoming the place to discover and acquire works that are original, creative, refined and full of character.

Considered by professionals in the sector to be the leading fine crafts fair in France, résonance[s] has become a major event for influencers in search of novel works, and for collectors and lovers of unique objects.

Created by and for professionals in the fine crafts sector, résonance[s] draws its strength from its many assets

A rigorous and highly specialized selection

made by a jury of professionals in the sectors of fine crafts and artistic creation, to guarantee a very high level of quality and originality during the fair. The jury ensures that all selected designers have completely mastered their respective skills and demonstrate a remarkable artistic approach.

An exceptional cultural event

that reinforces the identity of fine crafts, and the essential part they play in our culture and the French economy, and far outreaches its commercial vocation. résonance[s] lifts the veil on the sector’s vitality and diversity, and extends its cultural influence at both national and European level.

A highly specialized programme

intended to encourage people to reflect on the fine crafts, their inherent challenges and
evolution. Each year résonance[s] offers a wide-ranging programme (conferences, demonstrations,
workshops, screenings).

An elegant scenography

that reflects a high aesthetic level, and offers a customized and contemporary setting for the works of selected designers. The refined and streamlined stands and wide aisles of the fair also appeal to

Emphasis is on the European dimension

thanks to the fair’s strategic geographical location, which allows numerous foreign exhibitors to take part, and reveals the unique quality of fine crafts at European level.

Frémaa is a renowned organiser

actively involved every year in developing a new high-profile edition that confirms the fair’s
privileged position in the world of artistic creation, and its status as a powerful economic lever for exhibitors.

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Bold exhibitors

who breathe life into the contemporary expression of fine crafts by constantly extending their research into materials, colors and forms, thus combining technical performances and
technological innovations. Their objective is to constantly reinvent themselves, and surprise and
amaze the public with their latest creations, be they unique pieces or small series.

A reasoned alternative

that allows enthusiasts to explore an extremely short circuit, and acquire objects while getting to meet their designers and discover the manner in which they were created. résonance[s] has
strong ethical values, and gives the public the opportunity to encourage these men and women
who devote themselves to the French economy on a daily basis by handcrafting exceptional, beautiful and useful objects.

A unique atmosphere

based on simplicity and generosity, that creates the ideal conditions for dialogue and exchanges
between members of the public and designers who are always keen to share their passion.

you can discover it in the aftermovie below 

Atelier Dreieck, relieuses
Bulle de verre, verrier au chalumeau
Catherine BAILLY, fileuse au chalumeau ©Jean-Baptiste Archer
Cécile VILLEMAIN, bijoutière
Claire MUTH, sculptrice papier
Du côté de chez Souen, créateurs textile ©Tania Dietrich
Harumi Textile & Atelier Sumbiosis, ennoblisseurs textiles
Livia MARASSO, céramiste ©Plasticwombact
Luis PARADES, verrier
Mes Petites Curiosités, sculptrice d'objets en papier
Tzuri Gueta, création de bijoux
Yuko KURAMATSU, céramiste ©Guillaume Héraud