Applications for exhibitors 2024 are open until 30th April.


Registering for the next edition

Selection prerequisites:

  • You must practise a craft covered by the official fine crafts nomenclature
  • Be conducting your activity in a professional capacity and as main activity
  • Present a project with a refined and elegant scenography (preferably with white furniture)
  • You must exhibit the following:
    • Objects that are unique or produced in small series
    • Entirely designed and created in your own workshop
    • Recent works
    • Exclusively contemporary works
    • Refined, bold, elegant and original works

Documents requested at the time of registration:

  • 10 representative photos (don’t forget to mention the photo credit) of what you wish to present during the fair (overviews and details)
  • > The pictures should be sent by email, once the form filled.
    > If you have already exhibited at résonances, consider submitting new pieces.
    > If you are exhibiting sculpture, remember to specify the dimensions of the pieces.
  • 1 photo of your stand at a recent fair and/or a sketch of your stand project for the fair
  • > this is a very important part of the application, please take great care with it: the project must correspond to the scenography you wish to set up at the fair and to the stand size selected
  • 1 deposit of 350 €, reimbursed in case of non-selection, to be paid online via Helloasso
    > we no longer accept bank transfers for payment of the deposit.
    > terms of payment in the application confirmation email, once the form has been sent
  • 1 proof of professional registration for the current year
  • 1 CV or biography
  • 1 advertising brochure (if you have one)
  • 1 copy of your 2024 professional insurance policy (you may send this document later)
  • 1 photo of your workshop
  • Your bank account details 

Please note that we advise you to fill in the form on a computer using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (avoid tablets, mobile phones and other browsers). Give the page time to react once you click on the “Submit my application” button. This will take a few moments. You will then be redirected to the confirmation page.

The data submitted will be presented to the jury in charge of examining your application. As soon as your application has been validated, this data will be used for your entry in the fair catalogue. Consequently, we invite you to pay close attention to the information you give us, and to the choice and quality of the photos you send us.

As it will appear in the announcement. Not modifiable. Please choose a trade from the official classification .

As a link

As a link

For foreign exhibitors only: exemption from VAT in case of intra-community european VAT n°.

You will only be allowed to exhibit the categories of products mentioned in this description, and for which you have provided a photo. If you have already exhibited at résonances, consider submitting new pieces.

Write as you want it to appear on the sign (capitals, punctuation, etc.). This information shall not be modified at a later date.

MAXIMUM SIZE OF DOCUMENTS SENT: 3 MB. Accepted formats: pdf, jpg, png, jpeg.

You may send this document later.

Very important: the project must correspond to the scenography you want to set up at the fair and to the stand size you have selected.

A representative creation of your work that you would like to be included as the main photo on your exhibitor page.

Please tick the years during which you participated in the Résonance[s] fair, if any. If you have already exhibited at résonances, consider submitting new pieces.

I hereby accept all the clauses without reservation or restriction, and waive any recourse against the organisers for any direct or indirect physical, material and/or immaterial damage resulting from fire, explosion or water damage, as well as for any operating loss. I also relieve the organisers of any responsibility in case of theft or damage to my equipment or exhibits. Finally, in the event of a dispute in which my responsibility could be engaged, I confirm that I will intervene directly to compensate the injured party.